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Professional Image Editing Services

Outsource your image editing needs to us and get high-quality clipping path and photo masking services at an affordable rate.

Professional Image Editing Services
Professional Image Editing Services
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man in black dress shirt holding woman in red sleeveless dress
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black laptop computer beside white ceramic mug on brown wooden table

Creative Image Manipulation Services offers professional clipping path services with a creative edge to make your images stand out and get the desired results.

Why Choose

1) 100% hand-made clipping path (photoshop pen tool)
2) low price quality service
3) monthly billing system for regular clients
4) flexible invoicing/billing system
4) guaranteed quality (qc passed)
5) minimum turnaround time ’12hr’
6) overnight service
7) attractive discount on bulk images
8) 24x7x365 production
9) clipping two kinds of images ‘freely’

Before You Decide To Hire Our Services, You Can Check Our Catalogue To Have A Hang Of Our Excellent Track Record.
It Has Been Perpetual Effort To Invent New Ways That Will Result In Impeccable Digital Masking.
Our Bouquet Of Services Includes Clipping, Masking, Image Conversions, Color Correction And Many More.

This is the digital age. Most of the necessities of our day to day life has become digital too. Digitization has also set its foot on images and photography. Images are manipulated to endow a realistic look through various ways and methods. Today, internet is the most highly used medium to market businesses. To make your website and advertisement attractive graphics and images contained in it need to be perfect.

FAST & EFFECTIVE SERVICES (CP) is a professional graphic design outsourcing firm that operates with talents. With expert team of Photo Manipulation Artists, it efficiently combine offshore delivery model instilled by unique client satisfaction culture. Its offshore outsourcing service facilitate the companies of several countries like USA and EUROPE to get pioneering, ingenious, business-effective and avant-garde it solutions in graphic designing on the cost of enhanced competence, abridged costs, well-timed delivery and superior quality.


Before you decide to hire our services, you can check our catalogue to have a hang of our excellent track record. It has been perpetual effort to invent new ways that will result in impeccable digital masking. Our bouquet of services includes Clipping, Masking, Image Conversions, Color Correction and many more.


The excellence and expertise in Graphic Design and Prepress works of CP is really useful in producing any type of printed promotional tools. Having good global market experience and good infrastructure and up to date technology in terms of software and hard ware . All these services are available to you with the clicks of a mouse. Make a small yet reasonable investment to get the best possible outcomes!


BThe approach of CP concentrates on user-friendly design across cultural and national borders. We visualize and conceptualize brand values that your products or services have and wants to have. For us, design is a statement which clarifies how brands are professed. We deem that services devoid of visual brand uniqueness are lifeless.


we are capable to handle an array of clients work in ‘3’ shifts to give ‘24×7’ services. Make the best of it. Use the skill of our expert professionals to flourish your business.

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