Photo Restoration & Retouch Sample

Photo Restoration & Retouch Services:

§The photos those have faded and you want to make it looks good as the first time the photos were taken. This is the great idea since the old photos are commonly faded, darkened and probably discolored with age too. By using latest software, we will help you to repair and restore your precious photographs easily.

§Photographs are a great way to keep those special memories, wedding, anniversary, birth, and family or friend’s reunion and many others. Sometimes however, those precious memories are damaged or degrade over time due to dereliction of photos.

§Earlier, when there were no restoration services available, the changes were made to the original photograph and even till today it’s the preferred method for preserving old, historical photographs. But nowadays, it’s easier to work on the restoration part, as the changes are made to the copy of the original photo.

§Photos can be repaired on-

§Family photographs

§Ragged and Casted images

§Damaged or Wasted photos, etc.

§Retouching includes:

§Facial: Imperfection, crumple, free hair, red eye, eyeglass reflection elimination, whiten teeth and eyes

§Backgrounds: Replacement, color change, simulated lens blurring, and introducing a vintage look.

§Color Balancing: Shade, saturation, true blacks and whites, colorize, create black and white from color.

§Object Removal: Background distractions like telephone poles, wires, people, etc.

§Reconstruction: Replace flashing eyes, remove swells, & adjust busts, waste decrease, & rollback aging.

§Cropping: An image can transform from previous form to marvelous with an proper cropping of the image.

§Exposure: Transformation a full highlight and a full shade without an overall shed or dirty look.

§There are more retouching form depends on photo.